A Cute Butterfly


When a caterpillar evolved

Fruition involved

A butterfly revolved

Her existence resolved!

Look at her fly

A cute butterfly

Over land or sky

She delights the eye!

On flowers white

She looks so bright

Her voyage and flight

Are a marvellous sight!

On dazzling leaves green

She sits like a queen

Silent and serene

A spectacular scene!

Yellow, white and red

Her colours they spread

To gladness they led

Melancholy fled!

Hip and hop

Each flower she’d swap

Over dew and drop

She’d never stop!

She danced a bit

I said “let’s sit”

In a second swift

She left with grit!

She was so small

Prettier than a doll

But her drive and call

Were pretty tall!

All through the day

She continued her sway

Happy and gay

No signs of grey!

I tried to attach

Wanted to catch

She fled to detach

Her speed couldn’t match!

After attempting much

Was unable to clutch

But I learnt so much

Her influence was such!

She taught not to worry

All fears to bury

To enjoy my curry

Be bold in a flurry!

To simply keep moving

Without any proving

Dancing and grooving

Anxieties removing!

To my surprise

She flew the skies

Her dreamy eyes

They seemed so wise!

Without a sigh

She flew on high

Within the blue sky

I wished her good-bye!

That smile as she flew

Gave me a clue

Her joy was true

I somehow knew!

I wouldn’t lie

With a tear in my eye

I observed her fly

My cute butterfly!


The Road Always Taken



An attractive road

Amidst natures abode

At every node

Its splendor showed!

Ecstasy flowed

Enjoyment rode

In this charming mode

Paradise bestowed!

In blazing speeds

Its path proceeds

Our destination leads

Happiness breeds!

Fast or slow

Sunshine or snow

Direction you show

Journeys bestow!

365 days

Worthy of praise

In lags and delays

You guide always!

Cars or a bike

You treat them alike

Your trait we like

No remorse or dislike!

In traffic you’re hurt

When people divert

But you’re never curt

Just act unhurt!

Nuisance you neglect

Never offer to correct

It’s time we reflect

Guard and protect!

We always corrode

With attitude and load

You’re surely owed

We’re sorry, dear road!

A Yellow Rose

a yellow rose

A yellow rose

Smiles and shows

Pretty petals those

Such a lovely pose!

Charming leaves green

Splendid and clean

On the rose lean

Array as a queen!

Little drops of dew

Though far and few

Enhance her hue

What a glorious view!

Your touch so fine

Such glow and shine

Like the elegant wine

You’re the friendship sign!

With style so swift

Our mood you lift

Whether love or rift

You’re the perfect gift!

Dear rose yellow

Underneath my pillow

So smooth and mellow

A jolly good fellow!

Look from close

At the life of the rose

Beneath petals closed

Feel the pain she chose!

She is an example

For the human sample

Even when trampled

Her grace is ample!

Through her petal and fern

In her journey and churn

There’s so much to learn

Life’s meaning discern!

She silently suffers

But her fragrance offers

Submits and proffers

Perishes on coffers!

Through values those

Sorrow she chose

Our happiness composed

Thank you dear rose!

The world in our hands

The world in our hands

The world in our hands

From seas to the sands

Rivers to the lands

Expansive salt pans

A marvel in our hands!

Look through your eye

At the earth and the sky

They seem close-by

Come, let’s fly

To the atmosphere high!

This planet whole

With nations atoll

All nursing a role

Each possessing a soul

Unity their goal!

Summer or snow

We are so close

As the internet grows

Information flows

Solution throws!

But are we learning?

Or simply just earning

Busy in boasting

Constantly blurting

Recklessly flirting!

Is this what we wanted?

Our wealth to be counted

Possessions flaunted

Morals grounded

Principles hounded?

Composed let’s live

Show love and give

Hatred outlive

Forget and forgive

Life’s meaning relive!

Let’s value creation

Offer salvation

Care for plantation

Respect relations

Resist temptation!

From seas to the sands

Rivers to the lands

Expansive salt pans

A marvel in our hands?

It’s all in our hands!

The bench by the tree

bench by the tree

That bench by the tree

Is for you and me,

With merriment and glee

Let’s sit carefree!

The rays of the Sun

Play their magic spun,

They shimmer and stun

On the bench, what fun!

Beneath leaves green

On the bench we lean,

Amidst natures sheen

What a pleasing scene!

We rest our feet

Let fresh grass greet,

Such a gorgeous treat

When flora we meet!

That tree nearby

It greets the sky,

Protects from high

A treat to the eye!

The breezy wind blows

Pats us so close,

A poetry we chose

We sang our prose!

Have a moment to spare?

Look up and stare,

At the sky-blue glare

What an occurrence rare!

Let’s rewind and play

Events joyful and gay,

Sorrow and fray

Forsake at the bay!

Whether girl or boy

Renounce your coy,

You’ll be filled with joy

And surely enjoy!

Quit all the fuss

Come, join us

Let’s sit and discuss

Life’s value thus!

You are sure to quench

Happiness entrench

Contentment clench

Come visit our bench!

A Gorgeous Little Kitten


While I was in Britain

At the town of Whitton,

A gorgeous little kitten

Had me smitten!

With amusement and glee

She leapt over me,

Relaxed and carefree

She sat on my knee!

I glanced at her eyes

As deep as the skies

Neither deceit nor lies

So honest and wise!

Her meows and squeals

Were like sincere appeals

Did she crave for a meal?

Or agony conceal?

My hands she held

Screeched and yelled

Emotions impelled

A response compelled!

No words to explain

In language plain

Neither mind nor brain

Could fathom her pain!

Amidst all these signs

I caressed her spine

Fed her some wine

Saw her eyes shine!

The afternoon grew hotter

I sprinkled some water

Loved as a father

She blushed as a daughter!

In quick duration

We molded a relation

O, what elation

In this foreign nation!

My clock now showed

Was time for the show

Aah, did you know?

Hours really did flow!

Sentiments stirred

Affections conferred

I stroked her fur

Couldn’t time defer?

She was all alone

I sensed her soul

Tears rolled

I couldn’t control!

I saw her cry

As I bid good-bye

Felt barren and dry

She asked me, why?

As she wept on the floor

I picked her once more

Kissed her times four

Hugged her galore!

I carried her home

Her fur I combed

She jumped and roamed

Then slept on foam!

Thank you dear

My reason for cheer

A pleasure sheer

My happiness you steer!

Now I proudly say

She’s my daughter Ray

Just look at her play

She makes my day!


Amazing Towers

amazing towers

Amazing towers

Signification of powers

Stand 24 hours

Be it winter or showers!

Gigantic heights

Illuminated with lights

A pleasurable sight

Be it day or night!

Every high-rise

Lows to the highs

You touch the skies

What a splendid prize!

Mumbai or Rome

In your offices and homes

Individuals roam

From ground to dome!

Your purpose sole

Is to accommodate souls

Our protection whole

Is your only goal!

You stand the course

With might and force

No sign of remorse

Life’s morals endorse!

You practice, don’t preach

Never principles breach

By your outreach

There’s much you teach!

Through window panes

Life’s tranquil gains

Watching vistas in lanes

We reduce our pains!

In astounding views

We look and construe

Our purpose anew

Dear towers, thank you!

The Coffee Bean…

coffee bean

At the break of dawn

As I end my yawn,

I look to the lawns

At the flowers and fawn!

The golden rays

They dance and play,

What a perfect way

To begin my day!

At the table round

My cup I found,

I looked around

Heard the coffee sound!

The coffee bean

With a dash of caffeine,

She sat like a queen

And danced like a teen!

My cup I held

And the coffee smelt,

In heaven I felt

Pure leisure it spelt!

The cup on my lips

I gulped a sip,

Such a blissful dip

What a pleasure trip!

No better way

Be it Feb or May,

Than the coffee sway

To begin your day!

Whether hot or cold

My mood you mold,

My attention you hold

More than silver or gold!

Easy or rough

Times may be tough,

Can’t thank you enough

For you change my huff!

Refreshing is your sheen

You brighten my scene,

Your charm never weans

Thanks coffee bean!

Yesterday Today Tomorrow

Happy new Year

Lights and sparkles

With remarkable crackles,

The astounding dazzles

What a lovely marvel!

Time to celebrate

The change in date,

Knocking at the gate

It’s 2016 mate!

Two thousand sixteen

Observe her sheen,

Sits pretty as a queen

Sparkling and green!

Everyone’s delighted

Eager and excited,

All are invited

To celebrate united!

With cakes and cream

We shout and scream,

In the merriment stream

Welcome the 2016 dream!

With enthusiasm galore

Resolutions pour,

Rocking the dance floor

People roaring for more!

The party never ends

When you’re amongst friends,

The night extends

But we’re never content!

But wait a second

It’s time to reckon,

To summon and beckon

The 2015 lessons!

Take a moment to blink

Ponder and think,

Sit back and drink

The 2015 link!

Two thousand fifteen

Once our queen,

Always on the scene

You never let us wean!

You blessed our days

Be it Jan or May,

Black, white or gray

You never let us astray!

Thanks for your care

For your concern and prayer,

As you give up your chair

Let your send-off be fair!

We expect the same

Have similar aims,

That the 2016 frame

Will never put us to shame!

Now it’s time to return

This revelry adjourn,

Until the clock churns

The 2017 turn!

This day next year

We’ll greet 2017 for sure,

Till then let’s cheer

2016 so dear!

Have a pleasant year

Without pain or fear,

May the 2016 gear

Bless you precious my dear!

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

Being a huge Sooraj Barjatya fan I had been waiting 9 long years to see his next film post Vivah (2006), and couldn’t resist but watch it with my family on the release date itself (12th Nov, 2015). Here’s my honest review and opinion on #PRDP.

The movie opens with the pious Payoji Maine Ram Ratan Dhan Payo, where Prem Dilwala (Salman Khan) makes a grand entry by narrating the Ram Leela in Ayodhya. Prem admires Rajkumari Maithili (Sonam Kapoor), who runs the Uphaar foundation, and travels to Pritampur with Kanhaiya (Deepak Dobriyal) to meet her. Predictably Maithili is engaged to Vijay Singh (Salman Khan) – yes it’s a double role.


Kuwar Vijay lives in a grand mansion at Pritampur (true Rajshri style sets and grandeur). Vijay is going through a streneous time as his younger brother Ajay Singh (Neil Nitin Mukesh) and his sisters Chandrika (Swara Bhaskar) and Radhika (Aashika Bhatia) are having property disputes with him. Diwan sahib (Anupam Kher) does everything he can to keep Vijay away from all troubles.

The concept of blood being thicker than water has always been a subject in most Sooraj Barjatya movies, and is no different in #PRDP. Half hour into the film, and we realize it has all elements of a Rajshri film – rift in bonds, focus on moral values and delicacies like gujiyas, matthis, mirchi pakodas and chaklis!!! While cricket was played in #HAHK, football as a game is used to drive family unity in #PRDP.

Salman Khan is the most likeable part of the film. Right from his first shot, he is brilliant and has acted very well. He had set a benchmark of playing a true and virtious character in Bajrangi Bhaijaan, and his role as Prem in #PRDP continues this tradition. He refuses to embrace Sonam Kapoor for more than 15 seconds even though he loves her, realizing that she belongs to Vijay. While this seems strange for the times we live in, this is a typical Rajshri approach.

Sonam Kapoor looks ravishing, and plays a confident and emotional princess. She dances exceptionally well in the title track #PRDP, and looks gorgeous in another number –  Jalte Diye (the backdrop of which takes you back to Mujhe Hakk Hai – Vivah). The romance sequence between Salman and Sonam in the kitchen area takes you back to the #HAHK days and is shot beautifully.  But mind you, #PRDP is a Salman Khan film all the way and Sonam though does have an important role, misses out on playing a robust character like other heroines of Barjatya movies. One will always remember Nisha (Madhuri Dixit) of Hum Aapke Hain Koun, or Poonam (Amrita Rao) of #Vivah having beautifuly crafted author-backed roles. The chemistry between Salman and Sonam is good but not the best. We’ve seen much better chemistry between Salman and Madhuri (#HAHK); and Salman and Bhagyashree (#MPK).


The concept of good versus evil has been portrayed well in the film. The movie is all about celebrating Indian values, culture and rituals. Although the first half of the movie is slow, the film picks up pretty well in the second half. The high point of the movie is a scene where Prem (Salman) gives up all riches and wealth for his half-sisters. The scene is high on emotions, and shot in true Sooraj Barjatya style. (Carry your tissues for this scene!)

Anupam Kher is a true loyalist of the Raj Mahal, and plays his character with integrity and honesty. His scenes with Salman Khan are interesting. Neil Nitin Mukesh, Swara Bhaskar and Aashika Bhatia are believable in their characters. The cinematograohy by V Manikandan is beautiful. The sets erected by Nitin Desai are simply amazing, especially the Sheesh Mahal which is a treat to the eyes.

Now let’s come to the negatives. The music of the film is at best – average, which is a setback for a Rajshri movie. The best numbers of the film are the title track (PRDP) and Jalte DIye. While #MPK, #HAHK, #HSSH, #MPKDH and #Vivah all had chartbusting music, #PRDP somewhere seems a letdown in this department. Himesh Reshammiya (music director) and Irshad Kamil (lyricist) surely could have done much better. The abundance of songs in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo is a major hindrance to the pace of the film. Another concern is the length of the film (2 hours 54 minutes!!!!) A fifteen minute editing would do the film a world of good.

Overall though #PRDP is good in most departments, it is definitely not comparable to Sooraj’s earlier gems viz #HAHK, #HSSH, #MPK, #Vivah etc. There was a completely different approach in the earlier films, whereas #PRDP is more commercialized. Somewhere, I felt cheated, but was not completely disappointed. I am glad that we still have a director who offers us absolutely clean content and speaks his convictions through family dramas. Though some may term Rajshri movies as too sweet, or diabetic, I believe it takes courage to make films about family values and Indian culture in today’s time and age! I shall be waiting for Sooraj ji to give me a more soulful film like #HAHK and #Vivah once again. I just hope it does not take him another 9 years (the next one quicker, please Sooraj ji).

Talking about box office numbers, the film would definitely be a block buster, but whether it would break records of Bajrangi Bhaijaan or PK still remains to be seen. The movie will get an advantage of the 15 day Diwali vacations in the country. The film has opened to more than 90% collections in India and has got a great opening in screens abroad as well. Go watch this one with some tissues tucked in your pocket. My score: 8 / 10.

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