The Pathway to Understanding


The way which can be traversed isn’t the real way;

The name which can be called out isn’t the everlasting name.

Unnameable is the source of the Universe;

When named it is the master of a thousand things.


The desire-less soul can see through mysteries;

The desirous soul seeks physical manifestations.

But, mysteries and manifestations germinate from the same source.

And this secret alone is the pathway to all understanding!


In many ways the above verses are a paradox and take time to fathom. All titles and respectable names we confer on ourselves are nothing but specs of dust, which we utilize to feed our pride. Such nomenclature helps us to associate with an entity. However we are not an object, but rather a way seeking itself.

Names never existed prior to the creation of the world. Hence the source of the universe is unnameable. It can only be named once it manifests as the physical universe.

If we live in a desire free state, we can unravel deep hidden mysteries; but when we are filled with desires, we crave physical signs and wonders. The verses above counsel us to let go off the desire to see the mystery, which might actually then reveal itself!

Allowing things to be the way they are, happens when we are in a desire-less state. We should all turn inward and observe where we are on the scale between desiring and allowing. Allow the creation to reveal itself without struggling to figure it all out. Sometimes, it is best to let things be, since everything will eventually span out in blissful harmony.

Don’t strive to comprehend relationships with your spouse, children, parents, friends etc., because when hopes are shattered, it is the best time to practice allowing things to be the way they are. Be a wise observer. Listen more and judge less. This will lead us to enjoying the mesmerizing ambiguities and appreciating the captivating insecurities.

The above is my humble attempt to translate and interpret Verse 1 of the Tao Te Ching written originally by Lao Tzu some thousands of years ago (Before Christ). Whether you appreciate it or not, please allow it to be!


  1. Change your thoughts, Change your life – Dr. Wayne W Dyer
  2. A Book About The Way and The Power Of The Way – Ursula K Le Guin
  3. Tao Te Ching – A New English Version – Stephen Mitchell

Squirrels Yawn

At crack of dawn

In a beautiful lawn

Night’s just gone

See me yawn!

Now let me sleep

Or else I’ll weep

I’ll jump and leap

On branches steep!

Don’t distract

My joy extract

Better retract

Or ire attract!

Been awake last night

Was sitting tight

Near flowers white

Guarding them quite!

To avoid stress

I want some rest

A sleep quest

To display my best!

Gals and Guys

Look to my eyes

Strategy revise

Be little wise!

You’re playing a trick

Trying to click

My photo quick

I’m feeling sick!

Don’t offend

Be my friend

On you I depend

To lethargy end!

Give me my space

Some mercy & grace

To brighten my face

My day embrace!

Post my snore

Return and adore

Later once more

At three or four!

I’ll be renewed

Will chew some food

Walk like a dude

Confidence exude!

In a blissful trance

I’ll sing & dance

In this expanse

Your mood enhance!

For now I’ll nap

In nature’s lap

Dullness scrap

Ecstasy wrap!

Here goes my yawn

At the crack of dawn

To dreams I’m drawn

In a beautiful lawn!

Monkey Dear


O that expression

Grabs my attention

Why the tension?

Or is it my perception!

You sway and lean

Behind leaves green

You’re pretty keen

To shout and scream!

Why this worry?

Reason for fury

Come make merry

Your anger bury!

Take a chance

Do the rumba dance

Into a trance

Let your mood enhance!

Change your direction

Surrender dejection

Without perfection

See life’s reflection!

My dear monkey

You’re cute and funky

Don’t be grumpy

Be bold and spunky!

Let your tribe

This medicine prescribe

Contentment imbibe

And bliss subscribe!

Surrender your sigh

Just give it a try

And the rainbow sky

Shall bless you high!

With gratitude pray

And beat the greys

Live for today

This sure is the way!

O, monkey dear

Now shout with cheer

This pleasure sheer

Will end all fear!


In this April 12, 2016 photo, a boy who migrated from drought hit areas of the western Indian state of Maharashtra, carries water to his family's makeshift hut in Kukse Borivali, 85 kilometres (53 miles) north-east of Mumbai, India. Decades of groundwater abuse, populist water policies and poor monsoons have turned vast swaths of central and western India into a dust bowl, driving distressed farmers to suicide or menial day labor in the cities. (AP Photo/Rafiq Maqbool)


Burdens I carry

Liabilities tarry

Heaviness ferry

Fatigued and weary!

Drowsy I walk

With anguish and shock

Juveniles mock

My pathway block!

Stones they throw

Augment my woe

“Don’t stoop so low

Allow me to go!’’

Near damaged gates

My sister waits

In dire states

With empty plates!

My father so ill

Can’t afford the pill

His wage at the mill

Can’t pay the bills!

Come and look

At the drab outlook

By hook or by crook

My mother cooks!

Hard I slog

Hours I log

My throat clogs

In this heavy smog!

I continue my toil

In sand or soil

Bruises and boils

My day can’t spoil!

These woes I take lightly

For I know the Almighty

Whose nature is rightly

Shall empower me mighty!

One day I know

My burdens will go

Pure joy shall flow

As a person I’ll grow!

So allow my drift

Towards life’s gift

Until then, I’ll lift

My burdens swift!

Adorable Sunny



A puppy so small

At a gigantic mall

Jumped from a wall

Near a mannequin tall!

A visual treat

He looked so sweet

Despite the heat

He was so neat!

In this crowded place

I observed his face

What poise and grace

I desired embrace!

He was so shy

Such a decent guy

When I said “Hi”

He began to cry!

Eyes filled with plea

He ran toward me

With an approach free

He jumped at my knee!

He was full of fright

An unhappy sight

I held him tight

His eyes turned bright!

No more afraid

Two hours we played

I silently prayed

His day was made!

Was time to leave

He began to grieve

Held onto my sleeve

Unwilling to relieve!

It was so sad

For his owner had

Disowned the lad

It was his bad!

I carried him home

Brushed him with comb

He began to roam

On the sofa foam!

He played with the ball

And cuddled the doll

Then slept in the hall

Beneath the shawl!

I named him Sunny

He was always funny

Sweet like Honey

Naughty like Bunny!

And from that day

Life’s never been grey

Be it Jan or May

There’s fun and play!

At every mile

He ensured I smile

And never revile

For that’s his style!

Thank you dear

You’re always near

A pleasure sheer

My cause for cheer!

From a gigantic mall

To my cosy hall

Mr. Sunny so small

Is a darling for all!

A Cute Butterfly


When a caterpillar evolved

Fruition involved

A butterfly revolved

Her existence resolved!

Look at her fly

A cute butterfly

Over land or sky

She delights the eye!

On flowers white

She looks so bright

Her voyage and flight

Are a marvellous sight!

On dazzling leaves green

She sits like a queen

Silent and serene

A spectacular scene!

Yellow, white and red

Her colours they spread

To gladness they led

Melancholy fled!

Hip and hop

Each flower she’d swap

Over dew and drop

She’d never stop!

She danced a bit

I said “let’s sit”

In a second swift

She left with grit!

She was so small

Prettier than a doll

But her drive and call

Were pretty tall!

All through the day

She continued her sway

Happy and gay

No signs of grey!

I tried to attach

Wanted to catch

She fled to detach

Her speed couldn’t match!

After attempting much

Was unable to clutch

But I learnt so much

Her influence was such!

She taught not to worry

All fears to bury

To enjoy my curry

Be bold in a flurry!

To simply keep moving

Without any proving

Dancing and grooving

Anxieties removing!

To my surprise

She flew the skies

Her dreamy eyes

They seemed so wise!

Without a sigh

She flew on high

Within the blue sky

I wished her good-bye!

That smile as she flew

Gave me a clue

Her joy was true

I somehow knew!

I wouldn’t lie

With a tear in my eye

I observed her fly

My cute butterfly!


The Road Always Taken



An attractive road

Amidst natures abode

At every node

Its splendor showed!

Ecstasy flowed

Enjoyment rode

In this charming mode

Paradise bestowed!

In blazing speeds

Its path proceeds

Our destination leads

Happiness breeds!

Fast or slow

Sunshine or snow

Direction you show

Journeys bestow!

365 days

Worthy of praise

In lags and delays

You guide always!

Cars or a bike

You treat them alike

Your trait we like

No remorse or dislike!

In traffic you’re hurt

When people divert

But you’re never curt

Just act unhurt!

Nuisance you neglect

Never offer to correct

It’s time we reflect

Guard and protect!

We always corrode

With attitude and load

You’re surely owed

We’re sorry, dear road!

A Yellow Rose

a yellow rose

A yellow rose

Smiles and shows

Pretty petals those

Such a lovely pose!

Charming leaves green

Splendid and clean

On the rose lean

Array as a queen!

Little drops of dew

Though far and few

Enhance her hue

What a glorious view!

Your touch so fine

Such glow and shine

Like the elegant wine

You’re the friendship sign!

With style so swift

Our mood you lift

Whether love or rift

You’re the perfect gift!

Dear rose yellow

Underneath my pillow

So smooth and mellow

A jolly good fellow!

Look from close

At the life of the rose

Beneath petals closed

Feel the pain she chose!

She is an example

For the human sample

Even when trampled

Her grace is ample!

Through her petal and fern

In her journey and churn

There’s so much to learn

Life’s meaning discern!

She silently suffers

But her fragrance offers

Submits and proffers

Perishes on coffers!

Through values those

Sorrow she chose

Our happiness composed

Thank you dear rose!

The world in our hands

The world in our hands

The world in our hands

From seas to the sands

Rivers to the lands

Expansive salt pans

A marvel in our hands!

Look through your eye

At the earth and the sky

They seem close-by

Come, let’s fly

To the atmosphere high!

This planet whole

With nations atoll

All nursing a role

Each possessing a soul

Unity their goal!

Summer or snow

We are so close

As the internet grows

Information flows

Solution throws!

But are we learning?

Or simply just earning

Busy in boasting

Constantly blurting

Recklessly flirting!

Is this what we wanted?

Our wealth to be counted

Possessions flaunted

Morals grounded

Principles hounded?

Composed let’s live

Show love and give

Hatred outlive

Forget and forgive

Life’s meaning relive!

Let’s value creation

Offer salvation

Care for plantation

Respect relations

Resist temptation!

From seas to the sands

Rivers to the lands

Expansive salt pans

A marvel in our hands?

It’s all in our hands!

The bench by the tree

bench by the tree

That bench by the tree

Is for you and me,

With merriment and glee

Let’s sit carefree!

The rays of the Sun

Play their magic spun,

They shimmer and stun

On the bench, what fun!

Beneath leaves green

On the bench we lean,

Amidst natures sheen

What a pleasing scene!

We rest our feet

Let fresh grass greet,

Such a gorgeous treat

When flora we meet!

That tree nearby

It greets the sky,

Protects from high

A treat to the eye!

The breezy wind blows

Pats us so close,

A poetry we chose

We sang our prose!

Have a moment to spare?

Look up and stare,

At the sky-blue glare

What an occurrence rare!

Let’s rewind and play

Events joyful and gay,

Sorrow and fray

Forsake at the bay!

Whether girl or boy

Renounce your coy,

You’ll be filled with joy

And surely enjoy!

Quit all the fuss

Come, join us

Let’s sit and discuss

Life’s value thus!

You are sure to quench

Happiness entrench

Contentment clench

Come visit our bench!

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